About Western Music Club

“Harmonics” the Western Music Club – DPS Noida


 “Music gives a soul to the universe and flight to imagination”

The Western band has been a part of our legacy. The Western Music Club “Harmonics”  was started in October 2015 by Mr. Rajesh Upadhyay. This new and dynamic club was started with an objective to give a platform to every child who wishes to perform and grow in music and learn the values of life through it.

Harmonics is one of the most popular clubs of DPS Noida. It has a choir of 350 members from class VI to class XII. There are three Bands and about 150 executive members who help in organizing various activities of the club from time to time. Members of the Inter-school choir and band are fully dedicated and talented musicians who take part in various competitions right from state, NCR to National level and bring laurels to this great institution, DPS Noida, throughout the year.

Club performs for various functions like the Investiture day, Milestones,  Opening and closing ceremonies of various school and club events, welcome and farewell ceremonies of various exchange programs, Special Assemblies etc to name a few. The senior students under the guidance and supervision of Mr. Rajesh Upadhyay help the juniors to prepare song and band for their Inter-section competitions. This helps in developing a sense of responsibility, accountability and commitment in students.

Activities of the Club

The Beaming Ties- (Jr)                   -              Inter Section Band and Choir competition for Class VI –VII- VIII.

The Beaming Ties- (Sr)                  -              Inter Section Choir singing competition for class IX –X.

O.A.T. Performances                      -              Bands of the club play at the open air theatre or Amphi Theater

Christmas                                            –             Choirs go around school singing Carols.

Carnival                                               -              Bands plays in the evening during the carnival on centre stage.

Interact Thunder                              -              Club organizes this Annual Interschool band Competition along with Interact- Club of the school.


Singing for Social events              -              Rahgiri opp. GIP.

Rhapsody                                            -              Inter- house Western Music Competition