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6th February 2017

DPS Noida

CEIS – Centre for Environment Improvement Society conducted a workshop on Quality Segregation of Waste Management Education Program


The workshop was to make the younger generation aware about the problems arising due to solid waste that exists around us and to educate and train them to manage their waste in a hygienic and scientific manner by resorting to scientific segregation.

Four bins were gifted to DPS Noida for segregation of Biodegradable , Non Biodegradable , E waste and Hazardous wastes.

 16th Feb’17

CEIS Eco park , sector 54, Noida

An educational  visit, to show the students the implementation of Waste Management


The students were also sensitised to various other related activities like Rain water harvesting system, Solar lighting system, Waterless Biotoilets, Herbal garden as well as Vermicomposting.

A quiz, painting competition , Best out of waste  was also conducted to motivate the students to understand the concept of waste management.

 24th, 25th and 26th Feb ‘ 17

Floriculture Society Noida

31st Vasant Utsav 2017


Won MGM Rolling trophy for the best School/ College garden in Noida/ Greater Noida.

Won MGM Rolling trophy for the highest aggregate marks in Pot Plants Annuals for Schools and Colleges of Noida and Greater Noida.

Won Gopal Reva Pant Memorial Rolling trophy for the best entry in Artistic arrangement of Petunia flower pots in a circle

Took part in 18 categories of Pot Plant annuals and won First prize in all 18 categories.

Took part in 3 categories of ‘Marigold- Theme flower’  and won a second prize in one category and a third prize in other category

Won second prizes in the category of Artistic arrangement of pots of Annual flowers in a circle(multiple colours) and Artistic arrangement of pots of Annuals in one single colour in a circle.

Won a second prize in Bottle garden

Four students also won prizes in painting competition

Our gardener was also awarded a Dinner set for his contribution in the flower show


25th MARCH





Friday,21st April 2017

Multi purpose Hall, DPS Noida

Theme of the Assembly was ‘Connecting People to nature’.

1000 students of Classes VI to VIII, Teachers , Vice Principals and The Principal  attended the assembly

The assembly started with the Prayer

thought for the day 

poem on nature

Role play

Pledge was taken by all the students

To collectively work towards conserving precious environment resources and live in harmony with Mother Nature and keep the earth Clean and Green.

18-19 July 2017








29th July 2017

DPS Noida

sale of hand made Rakhis








stall of hand made Rakhis during the PTM







 Rakhis  were hand made  using threads  from indigenous cotton ,dyed using natural colours with each Rakhi having indigenous seed in it  

22ND APRIL 2017




Environment Club organised various ‘Green’ Inter section competitions for students of various classes. The Theme for this Earth day is ‘Connecting People to Nature’.

























































































5 students of each section of Class VI prepared number of usable items of leaves , small sticks.

First prize – Class VI E ( Sunishka, Anshuman, Maithili, Shreyas, Anusri)  

Second prize- Class VI G ( Muskaan, Ishita, Padma, Anush, Rushil)

Third prize – Class VI B (Simar, Aswika, Ashmita, Prakit, Aira)


5 students of each section of Class VII participated in presenting aesthetically Organic Food Tray consisting of ) Soup / Juice  ii) Salad  iii) Two dishes of vegetables   iv) Cereal (Rice / Chapati)   v) Dessert   vi ) Display of Kcal present  in the organic food

First prize- Class VII G (Saanjh, Dhwani, Shubhi, Sifat, Krish, Anushka)

Second prize- Class VII B (Jia , Bhavya, Arhaan, Jivesh, Saiansh, Suarvansh)

Third prize – Class VII E (Ananya, Simran, Ritasha, Srishti, Advika, Yagnida)

                     Class VII H (Simmayan, Madav, Himani, Ananth, Advitya, Parinita)

3 students of each section of Class VIII participated in Dressing up a doll of 18inches with News paper .

First prize- Class VIII D (Vanya, Charu, Tanmay)

Second prize- Class VIII G (Aditi Sharma, Aarushi Das, Bhavya Nayak)

Third prize- Class VIII C (Dorika, Himani, Uditya)

3 students of each section of Class IX participated in Photography competition  Theme

‘Nature in Action’

First prize- Class IX I ( Kaavya        Sawhney)

Second prize – Class IX D ( Vasudha Shandilya)

Third prize – Class IX I (Lavanya Goyal)








27th July 2017


Erection of Plastic planters


The students had brought  planters of various types all made from waste materials like plastic bottles , boxes , glass bottles etc. All these planters were hung on the railing in the Science park with numerous types of plants in it.

28t July 2017

Delhi Public School Vasant kunj

‘Vasundhara 2017, Celebrating the Colours of the Earth’


DPS Noida took part in a number of Events: Budding Writers, Nukkad Natak, Eco Cartoonists, Comic Con, Environment Quiz and Eco flix- movie making.


Achievements: DPS Noida, Kanishk Srinivas and Omana Pisharoty of class IX, won a second prize in Connoisseurs of the Wild- Environment quiz.


July 28, 2017

Genesis Global School, Noida

LANDMARK- A cultural extravaganza


. DPS Noida took part in the event ‘Best out of waste’ where the students of Class VIII H, Neeti Agrawal, Navya Mittal, Angela Mathew, made Bird House out of waste chair, bottles and other materials.



DPS Noida won the First prize in the event Best out of Waste.


JULY 2017



Earth Day Network India proposed an All India competition for Schools for organising Morning assembly celebrating  Earth Day in April 2017, to promote environmental stewardship among youth.


- Earth Day Network India awarded a Certificate of Appreciation to DPS Noida for our green efforts and whole hearted participation in our Morning assembly to focus on environmental issues .

22nd Aug 2017 

DPS Noida

Activity Env Club


sowed around 50 seeds of sunflower in the Science Park

Environment Club students also transplanted some Medicinal plants in old used tyres

24th Aug 2017

Blue Bells International School, Kailash Colony, New Delhi

SIR C.V.Raman Inter School competition

on the theme ‘Sustainable Living , Sustainable Future’


DPS Noida took part in Four events on 24th Aug 2017

Green Doodle

MaatiMilaap, Pottery product


Model making


Green Doodle – 3rd prize- Neeti Agrawal Class VIII H

Maati Milaap  - 3rd prize, Aditya Das  Class  VIII C

25th August 2017

















Preparation of saplings


students of Environment club of DPS Noida prepared around 350 saplings of Neem in  used up plastic wrappers . These saplings were sprouting naturally under the Neem trees all around DPS Noida grounds. These saplings will be gifted to an NGO ‘Give Me Trees Trust’ and Rotary Club of Noida to be planted across NCR.

31st Aug 2017

DPS Noida

Gifting of saplings to NGO ‘ Give Me Trees Trust’


The students of Environment club had prepared around 350 saplings of Neem which were gifted to an NGO’ Give Me Trees Trust’ They  have promised to transplant them in various places across NCR so as to create green spaces.


1st Sep ’17

DPS Noida

Campaign to support ‘Rally For Rivers’


Environment club students of Class X . stood in front of the school on 1st Sep ’17 with the banners to support the cause to restore the rivers which are degrading day by day

7th Sep ’17

Science  Park, DPS Noida

Saplings of Medicinal plants donated by Rotary Club of Noida


Rotary Club of Noida City donated 32 Medicinal plants to be transplanted in the Science Park on 7th Sep ’17. President Rtn N P Bhatnagar, Secretary Rtn Gunjit Kaur and various other dignitaries of Rotary club attended the function. Environment club students transplanted these medicinal plants and have pledged that they shall look after them and create awareness amongst the other students their  usage  in various ailments.

2nd Oct ’17

DPS Noida


60  students four gardeners, Safai Karamcharis and Staff of DPS Noida 

A Cleanliness drive ‘Shram Daan’ was organised by DPS Noida Class XI and XII students under ‘Swachh Bharat Swasth Bharat Abhiyaan Programme’, Swachhata Hi Sewa,  on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti ,in and  around the periphery of DPS Noida School

18th Nov ‘17











Annual Inter DPS Environment Festival 2017


Book of Ideas

Showcase- Short film

Envirno Toon


Teachers Take

Green Entrepreneur


Nature on canvas


2 nd prize in Environment quiz

3rd prize in Book of Ideas

24th DEC 2017

Heritage mela

Stall – Potter’s Wheel

Demonstration to make organic Aloe vera soap

Cards made out of waste


Students took active part in all the three activities









23rd, 24th and 25th Feb ‘ 18

Floriculture Society Noida

32nd Vasant Utsav 2018


  • Won MGM Rolling trophy for the best School/ College garden in Noida/ Greater Noida.
  • Won MGM Rolling trophy for the highest aggregate marks in Pot Plants Annuals for Schools and Colleges of Noida and Greater Noida.
  • Won Second prize in Artistic arrangement of Petunia flower pots in a circle
  • Won Winci & Wini Rolling Shield for best entry in Artistic arrangement of pots of Annuals in one colour
  • Took part in 9 categories of ‘Petunia- Theme flower’  and won 4 First prizes and 7 second prizes  in various categories
  • Won Third  prize in the Miniature Garden.
  • Won a second prize in Artistic arrangement of pots of Annual flowers of multi colours in a circle
  • Won a first prize in Bottle Garden
  • Our Two gardeners were also awarded a Dinner set for their contribution in the flower show
  • Cash prize of Rs 2400/- was also awarded to the other gardeners
  • An overall trophy was also awarded by the society for our contributions in the flower show

21ST March ‘18

Okhla Bird Sanctuary at Noida

The International Day of Forests.

4 students

To commemorate this day number of activities and Competitions  were organised by Ministry of Environment and Forest & Climate Change and UP Forest Department at Okhla Bird Sanctuary at Noida

Dr Harsh Vardhan Honb’le Union Cabinet Minister MOEF & CC and Dr Mahesh Sharma Minister of State , MOEF & CC New Delhi graced the occasion. The Theme of the competitions was ‘Forests and Sustainable Cities’

Four Students of DPS Noida also took part in various competitions .


Neeti Aggarwal of Cl IX won a second prize in Painting competition

Navya Mittal of Cl IX won a third prize in Slogan Writing Competition


9TH April 2018

 M P Hall, DPS Noida.


An orientation program was organised by Environment Club to demonstrate effectiveness of an unconventional and affordable  Fine bubble-tubing aeration technology for in-situ treatment of domestic wastewater in an open pond to improve its water quality .

Around 650 students benefitted the orientation for Classes IX and X students

The program was conducted by University of Windsor in partnership with the Delhi Zonal Laboratory of CSIR-National Engineering Research Institute (NEERI). The objective of the program was to create awareness among school students on the issues related to pollution of lakes and rivers as a consequence of wastewater/ sewage discharges from human settlements in general, associated aspects of public health, technology of remediation and responsibility of society towards conservation.

The program was delivered by Mr Liam Simone, a Canadian student in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the University of Windsor and Dr Raman Sharma from CSIR-NEERI.


Friday, 20th April 2018

DPS Noida


Around 2000 students took part in assembly and various activities






















Classes VI to IX performed various activities related to ‘End Plastic Pollution’





Around 2000 students of Classes IV to IX took part in the morning assembly . The assembly commenced with the introduction -The theme for the assembly ‘ End Plastic Pollution’.It continued with the  Prayer, Thought for the Day, all related to reduction of plastic pollution. Harmonics Western music club Class VIII presented a melodious song ‘Future in our hands’ and the children were mesmerized with the skit on conservation of water which is another important aspect of environment and how plastic bags are choking the water bodies, due to which aquatic plants and animals are in grave danger


All the students of Class VI made beautiful posters and wrote slogans on the topic ‘Say No to Plastic Bags’

Class IX Environment Club students went to all the sections of Class VII , taught them how to make news paper bags. Each child made a bag and decorated it with waste household materials.

Class VIII students created great pieces of articles out of plastic waste like Lamps, Brooms, Bird feeder, Vaccuum cleaner, Vase , Pencil boxes etc.

Class  IX students had to design a statuette, a piece of art or sculpture out of paper mache, clay or Plaster of Paris.

5 best articles from each section of each class were displayed in the Old M P Hall and judged by the teachers  and awarded prizes in various categories.

, April 21, 2018

DPS RK Puram

Inter DPS National Environment Festival

‘Panchtatva- Let’s sync with Nature ‘


 An Inter DPS National Environment Festival was organised by DPS RK Puram. A number of offsite and onsite activities were organised. DPS Noida also participated in these activities.

Book of Ideas, Green-o-tisement , E-File, Weave a story (Photography), Scroll –A-message, Mime, Waste-wise and a model making competition.

Achievement: Biodiversity E-File was awarded the second prize.

May 7,2018


A visit to GOONJ… NGO

Around 30 enthusiastic club members

 The students were opened to a number of initiatives they carry out. Cloth for work- where people take up their own issues like repairing roads, cleaning ponds, digging wells to making big bamboo bridges. The people are rewarded with need based material in the form of comprehensive Family packs. 

Another important initiative is – Reaching My Pads, wherein Cloth pads are created by the members of Goonj NGO out of under Utilised cotton cloth as a tool to open up the most taboo issue of menstrual hygiene and breaking the culture of shame and silence around this issue.

Students were made aware of the fact that any type of waste can ultimately be turned into a range of beautiful products by reuse and re-cycling, creating employment and income generation in the process

 9th July 2018

Science park of DPS Noida

Tree Plantation drive celebrating the Van Mahotsav Week

Vice Principal, Mrs Nidhi Singh , Academic coordinator of Junior wing, Mrs Preeti Vyas, President Rotary Club , Mrs Gunjeet Kaur, Secretary Rotary Club , Rtn Vikash Singhal , and a number of other Rotarians along with Environment Club incharge DPS Noida, Mrs Darshan Sodhi and Class X , XII and V class students participated whole heartedly in this activity.

A Tree Plantation drive was organised by the Environment Club of DPS Noida in collaboration with the Rotary Club of Noida

A number of Fruit bearing trees like Chiku, Amla , Jamun , Thai Imli  along with 30 medicinal plants like Shatawari, Lavender, Brahmi , Vasaka  and  Bhringraj were planted. All these saplings were sponsored by the Rotary Club Noida.

All the children promised to take care of these plants and use the medicinal plants in their daily life .


Thursday , 2nd August,  2018

The Shriram Millennium School, Noida

Shri Paryavaran Utsav 2018- an Interschool event based on the theme ‘Celebrating Forests’


The Guest of Honour was Padma Shri Jadab Payeng- the ‘Forest Man’ of India, who is credited with single handedly creating the ‘Molai Forest’ near the Brahmaputra which is today home to a large variety of trees and wild life.

A number of events were organised like Face painting, Comicon, Best out of waste- ‘Litter makes the Planet bitter’ , Nukad Natak , Canvas painting and Poetry writing. Around 24 students of DPS Noida took part in the competition and won accolades.


COMICON: FIRST- Jahanvi  Class VI F and Navya Bansal Class VIID

Nukkad Natak: FIRST – Smmayan Gupta Class VIII H , Vrinda Vig Class VIII G

                                      Siya Gupta Class VIII C, Radhika Tiwari Class VIII C

                                    Sayuj Seth Class IX H,  Zuhayr Rehman Classd IX B

                                    Kavya Jindal Class IX B

Litter makes the Planet bitter- SECOND – Neeti Agrawal Class IX D,

                        Navya Mittal  Class IX I , Lavanya Class VIII G, Shubhi  Class VIII G

7TH Aug 18

Pragyan School Greater Noida

Melange 2018

Symposium Science ppt

End Plastic Pollution



Won First Prize

Aditya Pande Cl VI

Aditya Dube Cl VII

10th August 2018

DPS Vasant Kunj

Inter School Environment Festival, ‘Vasundhara


A number of events were organised by the school . Some were Offsite events like Film making, Essay Writing, Photography and  Poster making and others were Onsite like Whizzquiz, Bottle Glass Painting, Newspaper Dress Up , Product Designing , Poetry Writing and Nukkad Natak


Newspaper Dress Up- FIRST- Neeti Agrawal Class IX D, Ira Singh Class IX D

Nukkad Natak – FIRST- Udityavardhan Class IX, Vatsala Class X, Jivansh Class X,

                                       Priyamvada Class X, Rebanta Class X , Sharanya Class XI,

                                       Yash Srivastava Class XI

Whizzquiz  - SECOND- Omana Pisharoty Class X , Kanishk Srinivasan Class X

August 16 and 17, 2018.


DPS Noida


Environment club students

Environment Club in association with a NGO took a step towards organic, chemical free, sustainable living and and an exploitation-free environment and society through the emotional value in Brother-Sister relationship by organising sale of Swadeshi eco-friendly Rakhis

31 st August 2018

DPS Noida by Indian Pollution Control Association

A workshop on ‘Segregation of Organic Waste for Recycling and Treatment’

Around 100 students attended the workshop

Environment Club Class X students

The workshop highlighted the importance of waste segregation at source and the use of Aerobin for making composting quick and easier. It is a technological breakthrough in the field of home composting.

3rd Oct 2018 to 9th Oct 2018

DPS Noida


campaign against use of plastic in daily life .

Students of Environment club from classes VI to XII

The students of the Environment Club of DPS Noida  planned a week long activities from 3rd Oct 2018 to 9th Oct 2018 to commemorate Gandhiji Swachh India movement campaigning against use of plastic in daily life.

The campaign kicked off with class-to-class sessions for classes 6th to 9th highlighting the harmful effects of their daily-use plastic containers, and some simple ways in which students could reduce the same. The next day, the club members were joined by the Discipline and Cleanliness committees in a rally taken from the Gandhi Park to the Senior canteen. "Go green, plastic is obscene!", "Plastic hatao, dharti ko bachao" and "Don't be drastic, say NO to plastic!" .At the end of which the volunteers approached various canteen-goers on the ways with which they could reduce the use of plastic in their everyday school life. On the sidelines, the volunteers also talked to the students about the need for keeping our canteens clean-thus tacking two issues troubling the school in one go!

, the students also carried out a paper bag distribution drive for the school staff members as well as small vendors in the nearby Brahmaputra market, most of whom have been seen as not being able to afford safer packaging options in lieu of plastic

16th Nov 2018

St Xaviers School , New Delhi


SOCHE (Solutions for Clean and Healthy Environment Foundation) organised Nature’s Jamboree

Six students of our school from Classes VI to IX took part and all of them were finalists .

Various competitions were held –

-        Essay Writing for Juniors / Seniors

-        Doodle making for Juniors / Seniors

-        Best out of waste (only plastic)

-        Maati Milaap (sculptures out of clay)

Around 40 schools participated in and around Delhi, along with some schools from Germany .


Their work has been published in the book Nature’s Jamboree ‘PEN THE CHANGE’. (This book is available on Amazon)

Aditya Das  of Class IX got First position in Sculpture making competition

Aditya Pande of Class VI got Third prize in Essay Writing Competition