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Activities of Masque Club


  • Third position at Annual Theatre Competition “Ignited Spirits 2017” of Amity International school ,

Pushp Vihar, Delhi in May 2017.


  • Best Actor award to Rebanta Saha of IX –I in the play “You can shoot the messenger but not the message” at     ‘Theatron’ of DPS R.K.Puram, Delhi held on July 22, 2017.


  • 2nd Runner up Trophy was given to Shaurya Mahajan of X-D for his act as Batman and Donald Trump at ‘Stagekraft’ event of Sanskriti school, Delhi held on August 02, 2017.


  • Third Position for the play ‘King Lear’ from Shakespeare and Overall Best School Trophy at ‘Luminarium’ of DPS Dwarka held on August 04, 2017.


  • 1st Runner up position for the enactment of ‘The Importance of Being Earnest’ by Oscar Wide at ‘Thousand Splendid Suns’ a literary festival at DPS International, Saket held on December 01, 2017.



  • The First Council of ‘Masque’ Theatre club was formed in August 2017.They got their badges at the Investiture ceremony on Sept 01, 2017.


  • Organized a play on ‘Tenaliram’ by an NGO ‘Joining Hands’ for Masque and Makhaute club members on September 04, 2017.



  • Masque and Makhaute club members (60 students from VI-VIII) witnessed series of plays staged by professional artists in “TIFLI 2017” held at National Bal Bhavan, Delhi on December 08, 2017.


  • In House Events: Masque members of class IX staged a play “You can shoot the messenger but never the message” before the students of IX wing on July 27, 2017.
  • Masque members from classes IX-XII staged a play “Monsters don’t live under the bed but in our head.”

at the International Swimming competition valedictory event in school.             



 Achievements of session 2018-19

 1.     Date: 2/08/2018

School: DPS RK Puram

Event: Aarohan- Debate

Prize won: 1st prize

                  3rd prize

Overall Trophy


 2.     Date: 3/08/2018


School: DPS Ghaziabad

Event: Inter Public School Debate

Prize won: 1stPrize /Best Speaker (For the motion)


 3.     Date: 7/08/2018


School: Pragyan School

Event: Melange – Debate

Prize won: 1stPrize /Best Speaker (Against the motion)


 4.     Date: 31/10/2018


School: G. D. Goenka Public School, Gr.Noida

Event: Literary Luminaire – Turncoat

Prize won: 1stPrize


 5.     Date: 31/10/2018


Venue: Steel Authority of India Limited

Event: Inter-school Debate

Prize won: 1st Prize