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Art and Craft

                                               IMPORTANCE OF ART AND CRAFT


Art and Craft as a subject of curriculum is generally taken for granted as an entitlement for children in formal education. In the context of formal education, the subject supports personal, social, moral, spiritual, cultural and creative development of the children and enables them to explore visual tactile and other sensory experience to recognize and communicate ideas and meanings. These opportunities enable them to work with traditional and various new mediums so that they develop confidence, competence, imagination and creativity.

This subject introduces children to a range of intellectual and practical skills as well as helps them to learn the use of deferent tool, materials and machines. It provides children an opportunity to think imaginatively and creatively and even develop confidence in other subjects too. More over it works as a therapy that can yield life long benefits in health and well being. Children may find it enjoyable, motivating and helping to develop positive attitude to school and life beyond formal education.

Children are naturally curious. They explore, observe and imitate things around them. Making pictures or modelling things help children observe the subject matter of the real world scene as they are drawing from more closely. It also help children to learn problem solving skills as they grapple with trying to create a three dimensional scene from the world around them on a two dimensional space.