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Australian Educational Programme

Australia, while having a comparatively small population is a diverse and multicultural country. Its beauty lies not just in its nature, but also in the people living there.

On the 2nd of June 2017, we a handful of wide-eyed and excited students of Delhi Public School Noida, along with their teachers, embarked on a splendid journey to Australia for a week-long educational programme.


“We stayed with the local families and visited the school to experience their study pattern; their culture and values and to share ours with them. Overall, this trip taught me a great lesson and that is- ‘The world is one big family’ ” 

-Ishita Chauhan, XI-I  


“The moment I landed in Melbourne, the first breath of fresh air feel invigorated and alive. We got the privilege to share our rich culture and learn theirs while staying with the host families who treated us like extended family and gave us all possible comfort and support. Teachers not only took us for excursions but also exposed us to the diversity and culture of Australia.”

-Devi Vasundhara Bhasin