Events at Galore


Annual Production of Nur and Prep

Annual Production Classes Nursery & Prep – Manav Ke Badte Kadam Students of classes Nursery and Prep of DPS Noida presented their story of civilization of man in their Annual Production on 22nd March 2016, ‘Manav Ke Badte Kadam’ - a loving portrayal of the story of civilization of man’. About 450 students brought alive the story of the advancement of man and highlighted the need to maintain harmony between nature and science.



“Rajputon Ki Shaan, Prithviraj Chauhan” Celebrating Our Culture: Annual function - Class VIII The students of class VIII of DPS Noida presented their Annual Production “Rajputon Ki Shaan, Prithviraj Chauhan” a tale about the life of the valiant king, Prithviraj Chauhan, on Monday, the May the 2nd, 2016. Known in history for his deft ‘shabdbhedi’ archery skills, the story of the life of this chivalrous and fearless king is an enchanting account of patriotism, bravery and great willpower. The performance depicted the transformation of a young and wise prince into a righteous king whose unflinching love for his motherland led to him sacrificing his life to defend its honour against a foreign invader. The hall resonated with applause many times as the audience was left spellbound by the flawless portrayal of the saga of this dauntless hero. The melodious choir and well-choreographed dances showcased the rich Indian and Turkish cultures. Also, the inspiring poem “BadheChalo”, which was recited with fervor, enlivened the atmosphere.


Principal's Conclave

PRINCIPALS’ CONCLAVE Udayan: A Tribute to Gurudev “Life is nothing but a large canvas. Throw all the paint on it that you can.” A joyous occasion must always be a cause for celebration, and what better way to do it than to delve into the world of rhythm and melody. Jashn-e-Karwan, a mega cultural event was hosted in DPS Noida on April the 8th, 2016, on the first day of “Udayan” – a three day Principal’s Conclave, a confluence of hearts and minds.The prestigious Conclave was organised under the aegis of the dynamic DPS Society at India International Centre.This grand conclave was attended by one hundred and eighty five Principals of leading DPS schools of the country and abroad. Gurudev, a spectacular dance-drama, was a befitting opening to the conclave, giving a glimpse of literary masterpieces, creativity and ideology, of the legendary visionary Gurudev Rabindranath Tagore


Investiture Ceremony

Investiture Ceremony - Leaders of the Future “Leaders whom we always see, like whom we aspire to be” On the 7th of September, 2016, the Student Council of DPS Noida was instituted at the Investiture Ceremony held in the school premises. The somber occasion exhibited the zest and readiness with which the young leaders accepted the responsibilities which were bestowed on them.


Spic Macay

Spic Macay “Music and dance express that which cannot be said and what is impossible to keep silent.” DPS Noida organized a Kathakand Sitar recital under the aegis of Spic Macay. The guests were greeted with enthusiasm and the program commenced with the lighting of the ceremonial lamp. A Kathak Dance Recital by the renowned Kathak Guru, MonisaNayak was organised on April the 28th, 2016. Guru Monisa’s exuberance made her Kathak a pleasure to watch. She started the progamme by explaining to the students the origin of Kathak dance from Mandirkaal to the Mughal era and to the present times. She then began her performance with Surya Aradhna, which was followed by the demonstration of different mudras, made interactive by encouraging the students to join her. After giving the audience an idea of how the syllables and percussion become integral parts of Kathak, she moved on to different thukadas, thodas, tatkals and kavits. She made the audience try the padhant during 'Ginti Ki Tihai', in which numbers are used to form the ‘bols’. At the end of her performance, there was an interactive session as well.


Inter DPS Football Tournamnet

DPS Noida hosted the Inter DPS Football Tournament for Boys (Open) 2016, under the aegis of DPS Society, from December the 16th to 19th, 2016.The matches in the initial stages of the tournament were played on league cum knockout basis from the 15th to 18th of October in accordance with the rules adopted by All India Football Federation and FIFA.Top 20 teams from across India and abroad, with commendable team spirit, giving stiff competition to their opponents, were then selected from the five Zones.



Milestone 2016 was one such event that felicitated two hundred and thirty students of classes XI and XII who had excelled in academics.


Annual Production of Class 1&2

Annual Production Classes I & II - A Musical Saga The students of classes I & II of DPS Noida presented a symphony of music and dance titled ‘A Musical Saga’ for their annual production on 20th October 2016. The show, involving 700 students of classes I & II depicted music as a universal language of the world, showcasing the diverse music and dance styles of different countries of the world.


Annual Production of class 3

Class – III Annual Production ‘Meera… a Life of Devotion’ The students of class III, DPS Noida, presented their annual production-“Meera…A Life of Devotion” on 25th October, 2016. About 320 students participated in this musical extravaganza, tracing the life story of the Krishna devotee, Meera. The entire presentation was a tribute to the commitment, selfless dedication and sincerity of Meera.