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“Rajputon Ki Shaan, Prithviraj Chauhan” Celebrating Our Culture: Annual function - Class VIII The students of class VIII of DPS Noida presented their Annual Production “Rajputon Ki Shaan, Prithviraj Chauhan” a tale about the life of the valiant king, Prithviraj Chauhan, on Monday, the May the 2nd, 2016. Known in history for his deft ‘shabdbhedi’ archery skills, the story of the life of this chivalrous and fearless king is an enchanting account of patriotism, bravery and great willpower. The performance depicted the transformation of a young and wise prince into a righteous king whose unflinching love for his motherland led to him sacrificing his life to defend its honour against a foreign invader. The hall resonated with applause many times as the audience was left spellbound by the flawless portrayal of the saga of this dauntless hero. The melodious choir and well-choreographed dances showcased the rich Indian and Turkish cultures. Also, the inspiring poem “BadheChalo”, which was recited with fervor, enlivened the atmosphere.