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Discovery Room

To enable us to successfully implement an experiential and hands-on approach to learning, a Discovery Room was conceptualized. It was designed with the help of Mr. Kabir Vajpeyi and involved immense planning and efforts on the part of the school and the Jodogyan team. The activities of the Discovery Room are manifold. Some of them are-keeping track of time with a big pendulum, looking at far off objects using a giant sized per scope, telescope etc., observation of various things with linen testers, magnifying glass, bug boxes and microscopes. The concept of shapes and colors is vividly brought forth through ‘Rangometry’. Maths as a subject forms an integral part of the Discovery Room. Various types of Maths Kits are available for hands on experience. It goes without saying that since its inception the Discovery Room has fulfilled its objective which is to let the children explore and discover concepts for themselves, thus building the base for abstract learning by allowing the children to use their analytical skills. A visit to the Discovery Room is an experience which the children look forward to and we always find them asking for more after every class.