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Earth Day Assembly


Earth Day


‘A tree in a forest is where it should stay, leave it alone, let it grow all day.’

                                                                                 - a Portuguese prayer


In Delhi Public School Noida, celebrating Earth Day, on the 22nd of April, is considered no less than celebrating a full-fledged festival. The entire school is involved in environmental conservation activities, specially curated to suit the various age groups of DPSN students, and the activities are challenges to them, not burdens. The theme this year was, 'Connecting People to Nature'. It was chosen to express the interdependence of nature and the human sphere, and to stress on its importance.


The highlight of the event, was a pledge led by Principal, Mrs. Kaamini Bhasin, who committed the school towards ensuring a sustainable living, and working on the constant conservation of the earth and its resources. Students and teachers alike promised to take this cause up, and forward, for life.