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German Exchange Program

16th October 2017 was a special day in the lives of a group of some very enthusiastic students. This was the day that people from two completely different parts of the world met, and embarked on an illustrious journey of new discoveries and experiences. Students of three different schools, including Saint Michael in Germany, arrived in India and were whisked off to their exchange partners’ homes to enjoy a whirlwind of magical and fascinating experiences.




I vividly recollect the unforgettable joys of going to an opera, watching a nail-biting football match and roaming the streets of Munich in Germany. I would really recommend this exchange program to all, and, rest assured- it is definitely worth it.

~Chittaj Khanna

 Arriving in India was like arriving in another world. Exploring this country was great and I especially liked the Madhubani paintings. I really enjoyed staying at both the houses I was able to visit.


~Hannah Ellŷ Fleischer