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 Theatre is not a blank page for editorial, it is a conscience which awakes our soul!

For MUKHAUTE, Dramatics club DPS Noida, theatre is much more than merely performing on stage, it is about understanding the very essence of this stage called life and the hearts of all those who perform each day.

With a membership of 150 drama enthusiasts across classes VI-XII this is the most popular club of the school. The club endeavours to bring out the latent talent inherent in all students by sensitizing members to social causes through “Nukkad Natak” and skits and by participation in innumerable intra-school and inter-school competitions bringing laurels to the institution.

The dramatics club helps students to paint the canvas of life in various moods and expressions and enables students to experience the ‘navras’ of life in all dimensions… NAVRAS, the nine emotions of life which we all have experienced somewhere deep within our hearts but have often failed to ‘feel’ them. Mukhaute helps students feel these emotions and express it to the world in their own special way for dramatics is a language of expressions, a soul with depth…it’s not a part of our lives, it’s life in itself.

In today’s busy world, where emotions are often supressed not expressed, this club provides the students an outlet for their emotions, a platform for their talent and most importantly, an opportunity to grow as a more beautiful and understanding person at heart as playing different roles empowers students to look at the world from someone else’s eyes.

Mukhaute does not only have an appreciable hall of fame but is a club in which every member is unique and the best version of themselves for this club focusses on the overall development of an individual and helps students bring out the best in themselves!

While the audience enjoys the performances on stage, Mukhaute has helped its members understand that there is a lot to do behind the curtains by organising the ‘Annual Inter School Dramatics Competition’. It has enabled students to not just perform well but has also inculcated a very strong team spirit amongst all members of the club, for“The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.”

Dramatics club, DPS Noida is a family in itself, as the bond of art is one of the purest of all and the touch of creativity embellishes our world!

Every member of this club has learnt to respect, value and perform this incredible, invaluable art! For all members, theatre is the language of their heart!

It’s rightly said that –

“The stage is not merely the meeting place of all the arts,