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Noida Flower Show

Our stupendous achievement at Vasant Utsav: the Annual Noida Flower Show.


Flowers are music of the ground, from Earth’s lips spoken without sound

-       Edwin Currain


From the edge of the grounds of the Noida Stadium, curving along the boundary, and then taking centre-stage right up front; all that the eye could process, was flowers. And of different kinds too! Purple peonies, sunkissed marigolds, daisies of all colours - rosy reds, pure whites, jubilant yellows, and dewy pinks; some that were a mix of them all. The 31st Edition of 'Vasant Utsav - the Noida Flower Show’ was a delight for the senses! 


Organized jointly by the Horticulture Society of Noida, and the Noida Authority from the 24th to the 26th of February, Vasant Utsav aimed towards inspiring, educating and stimulating the next generation, with regards to gardening. The much awaited three-day event was inaugurated by CEO, Noida Authority, Mr. Deepak Aggarwal. The theme that had been decided upon fit the bright and zesty show, perfectly: Marigold.