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Workshops for Students



  • 298 students of the Astronomy Club from classes IV and V attended the concluding session held in the evening in the school grounds on 6th April 2017 with great enthusiasm along with teachers and parents. It was a great learning experience for students to observe the craters on our only satellite, moon and Sirius, the brightest star seen from Earth through the telescope.


  • A ‘Puppet Show’ was organized for Nursery students on 12th May 2017. The story – “The Dragon Who Could Not Breathe Fire” was narrated using puppets. The students were enthralled to see the colourful puppets moving and talking as if they were real! 


  • A workshop on ‘Behaviour Skills’ was organized for the students of Classes IV and V on 27th July 2017. The resource person, Ms. Ira Sehgal, effectively engaged the students, giving them helpful insight into good behavioural skills.  This workshop motivated the students to exhibit good behaviour and be more tolerant.


  • The students of Class V attended a workshop on Road Safety on 28th November 2017. This workshop, a part of the Toyota Safety Education Programme, helped in reinforcing safety guidelines to our young learners. Informative and colourful booklets were also handed out to the students, highlighting the importance of road safety.