The Debating Club of DPS Noida with a membership of 150 competent debaters across classes VI-XII is a coveted club, each member trying to carve a niche in the battle of wits and words. The club is a walking think-tank, abreast with the latest styles and different formats of debating. The unbridled curiosity and unfettered thought and expression have enabled the debating club to question the warranted, to debate pertinent issues and reach informed and substantial conclusions. Frequent workshops are held to familiarize the students with the ever changing format of debates and hone their public speaking skills.

‘INVARIANTS’– the Maths Quiz Club of DPS Noida evolved out of the need to create a forum for a dynamic interaction between students and teachers. The club seeks to innovate; share methods of problem solving, explore the infinite dimensions of a classical discipline that has evolved through centuries of concept development and real life experiences. The club holds a number of competitions for all classes from VI to XII where the entire process from the research to implementation is coordinated between the students and teachers. The club nurtures students to win Inter School quizzes and bring laurels to themselves and the school.

DPS Noida has an Astronomy Club to inculcate the spirit of Astronomy in the young aspirants of Class VI and VII. Its aim is to provide the students with an opportunity to learn and explore space using innovative methods. The members of Astronomy Club, have various sessions starting from measuring circumference of the Earth and the Sun, clicking pictures of various planets, knowledge of time and the Solar System. Excursions are organised for night sky observation which includes locating various galaxies, spotting stars and constellations using the Planosphere and astrophotography.. The students are encouraged to locate the Pole Star, zodiac signs, different constellations, Jupiter along with two moons and Saturn along with its beautiful rings with the help of high resolution telescopes and astronomical telescope.

Tarang, the Indian Classical music club, of 320 members takes pride in being one of the oldest clubs of DPSN established since 1984. The main ethos of the club emphasizes the guru-shishya parampara while imbibing the traditional Indian culture and values in all its members. The students perform both instrumental music as well as vocal music in numerous inter-school and intra-school events, and are the melodious backdrop in all school functions.

The Dramatics Club of DPS Noida – “Mukhaute” with a membership of 350 drama enthusiasts across classes VI-XII is the most popular club. The club endeavours to bring out the latent talent inherent in all students by sensitizing members to social causes through “Nukkad Natak” and skits by participation in innumerable intra-school and inter-school competitions bringing laurels to the institution. The club helps students to paint the canvas of life in various moods and expressions and enables them to experience the ‘Navaras’ of life in all its dimensions.

The Model United Nations Club of DPS Noida is a fascinating world exposing the students to being a delegate of the United Nations and its international bodies in a simulated environment. Students represent different countries in various inter school competitions, to debate current issues of global significance. They make speeches, draft resolutions, negotiate with allies and adversaries and resolve conflicts, within the framework of the Model UN rules of procedure . The club organises two mock MUNs in the months of April and December, to select new members each year. It also conducts a beginners’ training session and subsequently, an advanced training session for its members. The Muners have proved to be brilliant delegates and have won many laurels for the school over the past years.

Masque English Theatre club was formed in August 2017 with a strength of 150 club members. The club grooms young, enthusiastic and potential actors, giving them wings and opportunities to explore the literary world thereby enriching their English communication skills. Their performances are an artistic ensemble of various musical, visual and performing arts incorporated in the diverse and thought provoking stage acts. With a continuous endeavour to nurture and showcase the talent of our students, the club focuses on demonstrating an understanding of the basics of a stage performance……

ATL has been set up in the school with an objective of creating scientific temper as well as cultivating the spirit of curiosity and creativity among young minds. It provides an enabling environment for students to innovate through a do-it-yourself approach. The lab is equipped with sophisticated machines and instruments such as 3D printers and Microcontrollers for honing the technical and innovation related skills of students. This helps to bring theoretical concepts to life and inculcate a range of skills pertaining to design, computational thinking and physical computing. Due to practical orientation of this approach, students learn to “make” which, in turn, leads to the development of real- world applications and new enterprises.

The club operates in collaboration with the Environment Education Centre of DPS Society to sensitize students on the environmental problems through a wide range of activities like water testing, tree plantation campaign, exhibitions, recycling of paper etc.
The environment club has select members from classes VI-XI who care and get enthusiastically involved in environmental activities. The club is constantly involved in creating awareness of the new techniques to make the school eco-friendly and strengthen the efforts towards sustainable development.

THE CREW at DPS Noida provides a platform for its members to express their creativity in the field of photography. The club has 50 members across classes IX to XII. Not only does it show unwavering support to its students but also gives opportunities for them to learn and experience new things. It gives them the freedom to nurture their talent while also guiding them to the path of success. From coverage of events to competitions to activities and workshops, the club helps the students excel in the art of photography and is proud of its achievements. It is not only a club, but also a close-knit community of passionate, talented and dedicated students who improve and grow together.

Each new piece of writing is a gift to the world.
The WORD WEAVERS Club connects talent with opportunities. It provides an apt platform for young and aspiring writers who are keen to present their thoughts in words.
To change its goal into reality, the club comes up with creative ideas and activities to provide its members with umpteen opportunities to express themselves and hone their writing skills.
Power Point presentations, informative worksheets and interactive sessions with the teacher In charge and peer educators generate interest of the club members. Immediate feedback on their creative endeavours further ensures improvement in their skill.
The club also prepares its members for various writing competitions.

Every child is born with artistic sensibilities. It is only patronage from a young age that helps a child emerge as an artist or develop a sensibility that can appreciate beauty. FRESCO the Art club of DPS NOIDA aims to recognize this creativity by giving a platform to the budding artists to showcase their talent throughout their school life. It gives an exposure to the myriad facets of life which incessantly swirl around the budding talents, particularly in the diversity and variety of the world.
The members of the Art club have participated in several Inter School Art Competitions and brought many laurels to this institution. In addition to the Annual Inter School Art Competition FRESCO is organizing summer camps in which children get an opportunity to understand the dynamics of contemporary Art fields.

DPSN’s profile of being a highly competitive and e-skilled school is aided by its active eSpice Computer club which includes e-geniuses from classes VI-XII as members.With its motto “Chip In For a Better Tomorrow”, the club conducts training sessions for its members to equip them with the latest technical tools.
The club hosts the most sought after IT event “eSpice”, the Annual Inter School Computer Fest in areas of movie making ,digital imaging, Sr. programming, Jr. programming, quiz, crossword, web designing, poster making, gaming, 3D-modelling,animation and many more.
LIGHT ! CAMERA !! ACTION !!!The movie making club of DPS Noida operates under the umbrella of e-Spice Club. It aims to educate and empower students to acquire expertise in the various aspects of movie making- script writing, camera handling, video editing, special effects and music mixing. The club creatively employs the cinematic medium to display the glimpses of major events held in the school. The club is effectively utilized for making movies pertaining to any subject or topic and has bagged laurels by winning various Movie Making competitions.

The mission of the Quiz Club is to encourage & empower young minds towards innovative alternate thinking & the quest for excellence. The Quiz Club- ENIGMA is one of the oldest clubs in the school and has carved out a niche for itself in the world of quizzing. The quizzers have done the school proud by lifting many inter-state and inter school trophies over the years. The main objective of the club is to increase the level of general awareness amongst the student community vis-à-vis Science, Literature, Technology, and Current Affairs outside the realm of the formal syllabus, and to promote their quizzing ability. The club conducts various intra-school quizzes throughout the year for honing the quizzing skills of the students.

This new addition to the club fraternity of DPS Noida saw its formation in 2018. The Electoral Literacy Club aims to sensitise young minds about the importance of what democracy is and caters to students from Classes IX to XI. The most important political right- the right to vote and its impact on the future of the country is highlighted through a variety of activities skits, posters and awareness campaigns.

The TED Ed Club is one of the youngest clubs at DPS Noida, initiated in the session 2019-20 for the students of classes IX-XI. Inspired by the works of the world renowned TED Ed organization across the globe, the Club was conceived to help students discover, research, explore and present their ideas in the form of short, TED-style talks.
The Club offers a platform to the students to voice their ideas. The Explorations conducted throughout the year help the future TED Speakers where the Club- leader, the teacher-mentors and the students themselves help each other discover, discuss and deliver ideas to an audience.

Nutrifit club aims at educating students about healthy eating habits and importance of physical activity. The club delivers this message through yoga, exercise, discussions, cooking sessions and demonstration. The club help students to develop important life skills that is time management, team work along with making healthy choices in nutritional intake and motivates them to lead a more active life. Clubs main purpose is to foster holistic approach for the effective growth and development of students.

Music gives a soul to the universe and flight to the imagination. The Western Music Club, Harmonics, was started with an objective to give a platform to every child who wishes to perform and grow in music and learn the values of life through it. It has a choir of 350 members from class VI to class XII. There are three bands and about 150 executive members who help in organizing various activities of the club from time to time. Members of the Inter-school choir and band not only perform for various school functions but are also fully dedicated and talented musicians who take part in various competitions right from State to National level and bring laurels to the school.

Streamlining visionary thoughts with the ocean of knowledge is what the science club of DPS Noida considers its aim. As the name suggests, it strives to serve as an aid and avenue for students to delve into the depths of their potential and unleash their creativity in the field of science. The activities and experiments conducted by the club – whether it be model-making, exploration of magnetism, or discussions on naturopathy – all seek to cultivate and strengthen the scientific temper of the young discoverers, enabling them to design solutions for a better and brighter tomorrow.


The Interact Club is a strong advocate of the school’s motto “Service before self “ and thrives to inculcate this quality in the students of classes IX to XII by making them aware and sensitizing them towards the issues faced by the society in the present. The Interact club is closely associated with the Rotary Club making it one of the most sought after club of the school. The Interactors strongly believe in being the change that they wish to witness by taking up group as well as individual social responsibilities in different horizons of the society. The initiatives taken by the interact club are platinum drives, blood donation campaigns, visits to old age homes and orphanages, collection drives of old clothes, books, and toys for the not so lucky friends in society. They take pride in giving back to society, spreading warmth and smiles, and find satisfaction while serving the others selflessly.

The club aims to introduce students to knowledge, concepts, and skills that are needed for understanding the intelligent information-based technology of the future. It connects students to several disciplines as it combines mechanical, electronic, electrical and programming skills. The club helps students develop greater interest in Stem Robotics by exposing them to practical concepts and implementation. It provides a platform to connect theoretical learning with the world outside by making and designing their own innovative projects models. It guides students to solve real world problems with an effective usage of concepts of Physics, Electronics, Hardware, Robotics, Sensors and Computer Software.

The aim of the cookery club is to introduce students to the vital life skill that is cooking and meal planning. In today’s changing scenario, planning and preparing meals should be the responsibility of all members of the house. Children should be taught to make vital contributions as well. Emphasis on the benefits of local and seasonal ingredients and dishes forms the basis of all lessons planned for various classes. Students are given hands-on training and are encouraged to work in teams where each member participates. Introduction to world cuisines and demo classes are also planned to enhance the students’ interest in food and nutrition.

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