December 2016


  • ShambhaviSrivastava of DPSN won the Consolation Prize at Kaleidoscope, the Annual Inter School Painting Competition, organised by HT Pace, at India Gate Lawns. More than 1000 students participated in this event. The prize winning paintings will be featured in the 2017 PACE Calender.
  • Over 320 students of class IX visited the Rail Museum on an excursion.


  • The budding photographers of DPSN won the Overall Trophy at BOKEH 2016, the first edition of the Inter School Photography Fest hosted by Mount Carmel School, New Delhi with a 2nd prize in senior category and 3rd prize in junior and middle category.


  • A team of 3 students from classes VI-VIII reached the finals of ‘Invent a thon’, at the Scraplabs Fest, 2016(Noida chapter) hosted by Lotus Valley International, Noida. The purpose of the fest was to foster creativity in the next generation of crafters and engineers by giving them an opportunity to tinker, collaborate and showcase their skills.

December 7

  • A workshop was organised by NIE, The Times of India, in collaboration with ManavRachna University for the students of class XI on ‘Nuances of Group Discussion’. The students were exposed to the right methods of discussing any given topic in a group by Ms.Kanupriya and Ms.Nidhi from ManavRachna University, Faridabad.
  • DPSN won the 1st Prize in Nexus and Turncoat (Debate on Science Related Topics) and the 3rd prize in Quiz at the Annual Science Festival IMPACT – a Celebration of Science hosted by Vasant Valley School, New Delhi. The students also attended a talk by Dr.RitushreeKukreti, Principal Scientist, Genomics and Molecular Medicine, Institute of Integrative Biology, Delhi. 15 prestigious schools of Delhi/NCR participated in the competitive events.
  • Mrs.Kaamini Bhasin,Principal DPSN attended a meeting conducted by CBSE at Mata Sundari College for Women, New Delhi to discuss issues relating to the initiatives taken up by the Board.

December 7 – 9

  • 25 French Language Learners (VII-X) participated in the third session of the DELF Junior Examination-A1, A2 and B1 level. This exam is organised by the French Embassy in India in collaboration with the DPS Society. The DELF diploma is the French Language certification of the French Ministry of National Education which is internationally recognised. Mrs.RashmeeAnand, Mrs.MeenakshiKapoor and Mrs.DeepaliTaneja were the examiners/correctors for the exam. The result is awaited.

December 10-12

  • DPS Noida was the host school for the Annual Inter DPS Science and Maths Talent Examination, SMTE-2016, conducted by DPS Society. 27 schools participated in the event. Eighteen students of DPS Noida, who had qualified the first level, appeared for this Examination. The results are awaited.

December 11

  • DPS Noida’s Quiz Team of ParthDhar (Class XII) and PranavDhar (Class IX) emerged as the National Winners at the finals of the prestigious TCS IT Quiz Wiz, at TajLands End, Mumbai. 15 teams who had emerged winners at their respective regional level, across the country, competed for the National Winner Title. Each team member was awarded Microsoft Surface Pro 4, Powerbank, gold medal, Hard Disk and a glittering trophy for the school.Chairman, DPS Society, Mr. V.K. Shunglu, complimented the students on their stupendous achievement.
  • CBSE conducted the NavodayaVidyalayaSangathan Recruitment Exam at DPS Noida. This exam was conducted in two shifts and was taken by more than 900 people.

December 13

  • Eight students of the Western Band performed at the inauguration of the Noida Cricket Stadium, presided over by Shri. AkhileshYadav, Chief Minister, Uttar Pradesh.

December 15

  • DPSN won one 1st prize and one consolation prize at an On the Spot Painting Competition , hosted by DPS Mathura Road.
  • 58 students of classes V-X participated in the 2nd level Zonal Round of the French Spell Bee-2016,  organised by Frehindi. Five students have scored 100%.
  • The Commerce Department of DPSN organised the 3rdBIZness Affairs, 2016, the Annual Inter Section Commerce Fest for class XI Commerce students. The objective of the event was to bridge the gap between class room teaching and real life business. The event had Print Ad, AD Mad, Business Quiz, Symposium and Best Out of Waste as its components. Certificates and prizes were given out to the winning teams in each category.
  • At Chitrankan’16, the Inter School Art Competition, hosted by DPS Mathura Road, DPSN won the 1st prize in On the Spot Painting and a Consolation prize in Pot Decoration.

December 16

  • DPSN got the 3rd prize at the Inter School Poetry Fiesta 2016, hosted by Cambridge School, Noida.
  • TariniKakar (V E) and AadityaPande (IV E) won the 1st position in the Junior English Debate Competition held at Delhi Public School, Mathura Road. AadityaPande  was also awarded the trophy for the ‘Best Speaker’.


  • DarshKedia (IVE) and Vihaan Dhaka (VH) participated in IT Quiz and won the first prize in the Inter school event, Access 2016, held at Modern School, Barakhamba Road. Harshita Das (V-I) won the second prize in PowerPoint Presentation competition.

December 16-17

  • DPSN won the Overall Trophy at ACCESS-16, Inter School Computer Event, organised by Modern School, Barakhamba Road. MaruthGoyal of class XI was adjudged the Best Performer at the event. The students won the first prize in Tech Talk, Open Programming, Junior Quiz, Multimedia Presentation, Cadet Quiz and the second prize in Cadet Powerpoint, Sub-0junior Quiz, Sub-junior Programming. They won the 3rd prize in Open Quiz, A/v Editing, Open Crossword and Perplexus.

December 16-19

  • DPSN hosted the National Inter DPS Football Tournament for Boys(Open)2016, under the aegis of DPS Society. Top 20 teams from across India and abroad, representing the five zones, participated in this tournament. At the inaugural function, organised on December 16, Dr. D.R. Saini, Director DPS Society, hoisted the flag of DPSS and administered an oath of commitment and sportsmanship spirit to the players, coaches and referees of the tournament. After two days of intense football, characterised by impeccable skill and temperament, DPS VasantKunj were declared the Champions of the Tournament. DPS Noida were the 2ndRunners Up with PrashantBurman of the school being recognised as the Best Player of the Tournament. The Valedictory Function, organised on December 19, 2016, screened a movie ‘ Bend it like Dipsites’  capturing the candid moments of the tournament. Inspirational songs and dances were presented by the students. The event was graced by Mr. V.K. Shunglu, Chairman DPSS, Mr.Pramod Grover, Chairman DPS Noida, and Dr.Saini, Director, DPS Society. 

December 17

  • DPSN won four prizes in seven events at the Inter School Japanese Language Festival- ‘Nihon No Kaori – 2016’, hosted by DPS Rohini, where 22 schools participated. DPSN bagged the 1st prize in Japanese cooking, 2nd prize in Travelogue and Noh Mask making and the 3rd prize in Japanese Fan Making.

December 18

  • The SNAP exam for taking admission in MBA courses of Symbiosis, Pune was conducted at DPS Noida. Around 500 people took this exam while the school academic and administrative staff invigilated and conducted the test.
  • DPSN  organised its Annual Alumni Meet. Hundreds of ex-students rejoined the school grounds in a spirit of nostalgia and cheer. The Principal, Mrs.KaaminiBhasin and the staff interacted with the students. A grand lunch was organised for the gathering. The Alumni cake was cut by a student of 1992 batch.

December 19

  • Mrs.KavitaBhalla, Nursery Rep,  participated in a group discussion on Pre Primary Language Development held at HRD Centre, Dwarka. The aim of the meeting was to design a uniform syllabus document for classes Nursery and Prep. Guidelines given by NCERT were also discussed and it was decided that each core school would plan the curriculum for a given month. The meeting was attended by a committee consisting of class Reps/Incharges, Coordinators and HM’s of schools.
  • Nine students of DPS Noida were awarded a laptop by the UP Government for excelling in class X and XII results. In a grand event organised at GautamBudhBalak Inter College, Bisrakh, Greater Noida, the laptops were handed over to these students by the D.M. GautamBudh Nagar.

December 20

  • DPSN won the 3rd prize in the Duet at “ Breakout’ 16”, the Inter School Western Music Competition organised by Amity International School, Saket.

December 21

  • At the Inter School Art Competition  ‘Creative Canvas – 2016’organised by the Khaitan Public School, Noida DPSN won the 2nd prize in Clay Modelling (Class I-II).

December 22

  • DPSN German Learners won the 1st prize in the Inter School German Song Competition organised during ‘Die MusickGaise’ the Annual German Fest of Apeejay School, Noida organised in collaboration with Max Mueller Bhavan. The event saw participation of 11 leading schools of Delhi/NCR.
  • DPSN won the Overall Second Position in the Maths Relay organised by Apeejay School, Noida. One student each from VI-XII participated in this keenly contested event.

December 22 – 23

  • At the 16thRamanujan Inter School Mathematics Competition, organised by Amity Centre for Excellence in Mathematics (ACEM) of Amity International School, Noida. 10 students of classes VI-XII won the top three positions in the Problem Solving Competition.

December 24

  • DPSN won the 1st prize in LokManch (IX-XI) and LokSampada (VI-VIII) events at ‘Lok Rang’ – the Annual Hindi Fest organised by DPS R.K. Puram. The participants bagged the Overall Second Position.

December 25

  • DPS Noida organised the Annual Inter DPS National Heritage Festival – ItihasKeJharokhe Se – 2016, under the aegis of the DPS Society. The festival was an exquisite amalgamation of fun and cheer of Christmas alongwith glimpses of the diverse Indian culture. Teams from over 50 Delhi Public Schools, across the country participated in various events comprising Jaloos (Celebratory Processions in India), KalaKriti (Folk Art and Mural making) and KeshVinyas (Crowning Glory). The Inter DPS National Art Exhibition 2016 displaying paintings made by the budding artists from classes VI-XI of Delhi Public Schools, further added vibrance to the show. The competition were judged by eminent jury from the field of creative arts.

DPS Noida stood first in three out four events held. Appreciating efforts of DPS Noida Chairman DPSS, Shri. V.K. Shunglu congratulated the school for putting up an impressive show that presented the myriad Indian culture in all its glory and richness. The event was graced by Mr.Rekha Surya, eminent classical singer, along with luminaries of the Delhi Public School Society as well as Principals of various Delhi Public Schools.

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