DPSN provides a stimulating academic program that emphasizes individual conscientiousness and respects individuality in its creative inference.

The school-curriculum,a blend of the best of National and International Curriculums is aligned to current understanding of learning and teaching. It focuses on developing the whole child, individualizing student support, giving students a global and local perspective, developing skills for the future and nurturing gifted and talented students. It not only facilitates seamless progress from formative years through schooling while ensuring smooth transition from one curriculum to the other but also encourages students to be active learners who explore, understand and participate in the world around them. It lays conscious effort towards inculcating non-cognitive skills such as leadership, conflict resolution, self-discipline and ethical decision-making in tandem with technical abilities vital to excel in professional pursuits.



Boarding at DPSN provides your child a realistic view of the world giving them unparallel opportunities for sporting, cultural and leisure activities.

The setting provides for: An intellectual, social, emotional and moral growth of the child, so that when the student graduates from this place, they develop the skills and confidence to be a person who cares, is competent and is a confident young citizen of this country, who is able to make a difference in the society. At the time, when the school is over the boarders and the staff at the boarding try to keep the campus alive and lively. In the campus premises, a secure, caring and happy environment is created and is valued from and for your child as well as their contribution to it will be encouraged to be involved in every available activity within and outside the school.

Boarders become the part of a close and happy community that has been created amongst themselves developing lifelong friendships. Our boarding house staff actively encourages personal development where self-realization, challenges and self-esteem are nurtured to create growth and confidence.