At DPSN we recognize the importance of working in close partnership with our families for the benefit of all our children. Teachers provide information on homework, procedures and class routines online. Letters and messages are also sent out with detailed information about special parent meetings, training, class visits and any other activity or events taking place in the school premises.

Beyond academics

The school endorses an ‘open door’ policy and parents are welcome to discuss any issues, problems or concerns with us at any time. In addition, the Headmistress or a senior member of staff will be always available, in case there is a need to talk or if there is any query. We believe in knowing the feedbacks, so we call back to the phone-calls that we have missed from the parents and the parents are unable to come to the school. Remember, if your child has a problem or is concerned about something important, we deal with it as soon as possible.
Every year, we organize Meet and greet sessions for interactions with the parents in case the parents wish to meet and discuss something with the teacher, they can “MEET THE TEACHERS” on that particular day of the year. In these meetings, parents are also updated about the schedules and other activities that are going to take place during the year in the school premises, verbally.

Later on, parents get to meet the class teacher and learn about their development from the teacher and know the targets for learning. Here, the parent can also look into the child’s work and look around the school.

Extra Curricular Activities

Our students benefit from our exceptionally strong provision in Sport and the Arts, plus a wealth of extra-curricular activities.

Sporting Spirit

Our Sport System helps to incorporate a team spirit, encourage competition and recognize individual student achievement in its widest sense. The development of mind and body go hand-in-hand and therefore, sports are an integral part of our education. Students are encouraged to participate in various intra-school and inter-school tournaments.

Creative Inspirations

At the Academy we recognise that children of all ages have a deep well of creativity, and creative arts are a particular strength of the life at the school. Students will be given exposure in different types of art & craft, pottery, sculpture, textile, photography etc.