There are many reasons why we decided on building an educational institute, which was to provide them with the best Education and the core reason is to provide them with the best education possible. We grew with time and were able to spread the word with the best possible education facility that we could provide to them. We not only provide the best Education but we try and keep the education updated in terms of updates and digitalization as well.

The DPS Society is a non-profit, non-proprietary, private, educational organization. This Global Network of over 200 English medium, co-educational, secular schools provides education from Pre-Nursery/Nursery to Class XII. The DPS Family – with its transcontinental identity, is not merely a list of institutions, persons or facts; it is a network of values, systems, and relationships.

Entrusting your child to DPS Noida is promising your child to a class that has committed teachers and joyful learning. I invite you to visit our campus and interact with the school community to discover the spirit of DPS Noida and make an informed decision about your child’s future.

Principal's desk

Dear Parents and Students,

Welcome to DPS Noida. I am delighted and proud to be the Principal of this prestigious institution.

Established years ago, DPS Noida is a chain of Schools running with the vision of providing state of the art educational facilities by blending both modern and traditional concepts, methods and values.

At DPSN, we believe that our academics are at the heart of the communities that we serve. This is why we are committed to delivering an outstanding education way to learn for all our students.

We will continue to develop and enhance a school that:

  • It focuses on the development of a child.
  • Strives for the highest academic standards.
  • Understand that the values are an important part and we wish to reflect that as well.
  • Has a personalized curriculum for all the children.
  • Develops true partnerships that value’s the children.

We look forward to enriching our school community with fresh faces, renewed spirit and new families.

“I believe in opening doors for everyone to talk and discuss. Hence, I have an open-door policy and I urge all the parents to take this opportunity to discuss if there is any issue or concern that they would like to tell me so that we can resolve it and move forward together.