Those who do sports professionally or for themselves know firsthand that the presence of an extra fat layer often hinders making the body as relief as you want. To get rid of the latter, while preserving and strengthening muscle mass, a program such as body drying is used, which was originally used only by bodybuilders before the competition, but today has become much more common. Drying on relief helps representatives of the stronger sex to find a strong relief body with a minimum of fat. The program includes two aspects – training and a certain nutrition system. Let’s look at it in more detail and determine how to dry properly for muscle relief. For reference you can find a wide range of steroids, peptides and drugs for any purpose and course.

Steroid courses to get relief

The concept of “drying course” is very conditional, since the fundamental differences lie not so much in the construction of the course itself, as in diet and training. Almost all “mass-harvesting” courses are relevant for drying, taking into account several amendments. In this article, the safest possible approaches will be considered as complexity and efficiency increase.

Drug selection

As you know, anabolic steroids differ from each other not only in their anabolic and androgenic properties, but also in their ability to trigger the breakdown of fat. Classic drugs for relief (strengthening venous drawing, increasing muscle density and elasticity) are considered to be Winstrol and anavar. They practically do not affect the volume of muscle mass, but they are able to burn fat quickly while fully preserving the musculature. The use of these steroids presupposes the presence of sufficient muscle mass.

A safe option is a drug with a complex mechanism of action — Proviron. In fact, this is the safest choice, but the effectiveness is relatively low.

In addition, testosterone, primobolan, equipoise (boldenone), trenbolone and masteron are often used, which additionally allow you to increase muscle volume. A new trend is growth hormone and peptides.

Aromatase inhibitors also contribute to relief by suppressing estrogen levels.

Who is suitable for this course

Men over the age of 25 years to get relief muscles. If the fat fold on the abdomen (2 cm to the left of the navel) or thigh (front surface, middle) is more than 3.5 cm, then first you need to reduce weight

How to choose the right drug?

Aromatization is the conversion of testosterone into estradiol. With the predominance of female sex hormones over male, the amount of visceral fat increases, the breast grows.

Aromatization — conversion of testosterone into estradiol

Therefore, it is customary to divide preparations into aromatizing and non-aromatizing. The latter are relatively safe, causing a small number of adverse reactions.

These include:

  • Oxandrolone. It is considered the safest non-aromatizing steroid. It does not call for gino, acne, an increase in the fat layer, fluid retention in the body.
  • Stanozolol does not cause acne, hypertension, breast hypertrophy.
  • Drostanolone (Masteron) is characterized by high androgenic activity, moderate anabolic effect, does not cause fat deposition, has a diuretic effect. It can cause acne, baldness, prostate enlargement, aggressiveness.
  • Trenbolone (Tren, Parabolan) is available in ampoules, is not nephrotoxic, exhibits high anabolic activity, does not retain water in tissues and does not cause gynecomastia, stimulates fat burning.
  • Primobolan (Methenolone) is made in injections, suitable for the first course, does not cause gross undesirable effects, can be combined with Turinobol and Oxandrolone in tablets, or taken in combination with flavoring steroids (testosterone, masteron).
  • Turinobol does not retain fluid in the body;
  • Boldenone is available in injectable forms, does not cause acne and gino.