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Who We Are

DPSN is a school that commits on creating a safe and supportive environment that also involves all the students in a Wide Range of learning experiences. These modules are designed to provide a balance between academic, athletic, artistic, and social endeavors. Thereby, encouraging the students to get inspired and aspire to the highest level of their interests and get to know themselves and the best to their capabilities.

DPSN fosters Self-esteem and respects the creation of others. Hence, stimulating and providing a caring atmosphere for the students and everyone alongside, acknowledging the world in which we live and our cultural heritage. With the focus and a belief in women empowerment we think it begins when they learn it at a very early time in life, so as to take their place in the world that is so competitive with a goal to the future as compassionate, culturally enriched and to help them learn and become Learners for life and be Responsible Adults one day.

Mission and Aim


DPS Noida has a mission to work towards the betterment of society and nurture the best out of the students.

Our Mission is to provide the children with an education in a happy and well-structured playful environment by the means of any and all interesting programs. We help our students to be Motivated and learn from their failures.

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