Education is the foundation upon which one can build their future; it enables a person to make a concrete difference in the world. Keeping this key principal in mind, Delhi Public School, Noida hosted a number of International Universities, in its hallowed halls, to provide the multi-faceted students with greater opportunities.These institutuions hail from countries like the USA, Candada, Australia, and Hong Kong. The programme enables a fruitful interaction between the students of Classes IX to XII and Admission Counsellors from various universities.

Counsellors from the University of Texas, Arlington, Skidmore College, University of British Columbia, The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and The University of Deakin held productive and efficient sessions throughout the year.They provided crucial information pertaining to test requirements, the various courses offered, countless admission processes, and numerous opportunities available to the keen and hopeful students.Counsellors distributed informative brouchers and appealing pamphlets so that students could learn more about their dream, and possible future schools.




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