Once a part of the journey… Forever a part of the legacy!

Alumni play a crucial and multifaceted role in the life of a school. Their involvement and support contributes to the overall growth, development and success of the institution. At DPS NOIDA, our Alumni are the life force of the school. Year after year, they pass out, spreading their wings and soaring high, never forgetting their roots. In their own way, they inspire the journey of the subsequent batches.
We often have the alumni visiting the school to rekindle their connection with it. However, we consider it vital to have certain protocols in place to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience for the alumnus.

Please adhere to the following protocols when you plan a visit to the school:

✔ Inform the school administration by sending a mail in advance, communicating the date, time and duration of the visit. This will allow them to coordinate your visit and ensure that your presence aligns with the school’s schedules.
✔ The visits to the school needs to be planned on the following occasions:
• Parent Teacher Meetings
• Working Saturdays(twice a week)
• After School Hours, on any working day( with prior coordination with the teacher/teachers concerned)
Our alumni are an integral part of our school’s legacy and are welcome to visit their alma mater to rekindle cherished memories.

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