Foreign Exchange Programme

DPS Noida has an unprecedented five student exchange programmes, running concurrently, with schools of Germany, Spain, Sweden, Denmark and Switzerland. The oldest program, the Indo German student exchange program, has entered its fourteenth year and has the strong support of Max Mueller Bhawan, Goethe Institute, India. Each year approximately 80-100 students opt for these programs and visit foreign shores to get an insight into the cultures and customs of their global counterparts. These carefully and painstakingly planned programs are an amalgamation of educational experience with fun and entertainment. Rich friendships are formed between the student partners, each year, giving a fresh impetus to the school’s endeavor to expand its exchange base and give the students an opportunity to explore new parts of the world.

Indo German Exchange Programme


This exchange has been really inspiring, full of exposure and experiences. One of the most amazing phases of my life which I will remember forever. It was great to host my lovely friend Alina and I have enjoyed every bit of it. We have made memories that we both will cherish for a lifetime.

-Kashish Manchanda (DPS Noida)

My experience of this exchange has been wonderful. The time spent in India with my partner Lena Nguyen was amazing. I connected well with her. The activities organized by the school during school-hours were enjoyed by all. In this span of 4 weeks, I’ve become so attached to her that it will be hard to say goodbye when she’ll leave. It is a life long friendship and bond established, thanks to the school’s exchange programme.

-Arpita Nayak ( DPS Noida)

The exchange was one of the best times of my life and I‘m sure I‘ll never forget it. I got so many new impressions, learned a lot about the beautiful Indian culture, made a lot of new friends and met so many amazing people. The exchange also taught me so many things, like being more open and confident while talking to other people or also to do things even though I‘m afraid of them, because at the end usually everything just gets amazing. I‘m really sad that my time in India is almost over now and I‘m looking forward to meeting all my new friends in Germany.

-Pia Braun (German Student)

I think the exchange was great for both sides. We learned about a completely new culture and made new friends. It was very nice to see how different the people are and how they live. I hope the next batch also will have the opportunity to take part in exchanges and have a great experience. I really enjoyed and look forward to meet all.

-Milan Vogel Bache (German Student)

Indo Swiss Exchange Programme

The exchange student Greg who came to live at our place charmed us with his polite and well mannered behavior. I had a lot of fun and had a lot to tell back home. We did projects with our counterparts and also attended their school. We visited Mount Titilis, the place where boundaries of Germany, France, and Switzerland meet and also shopped a lot in Cormar, France. I have made lifelong friends with whom I share common interests It was the best trip I had ever had.

– Pratham Srivastava (DPS Noida)

The Indo-Swiss exchange was one of the most beautiful experiences of my life. From visiting picturesque places, shopping and enjoying the serenity of Switzerland to working together on a presentation with my exchange partner, the whole trip was truly delightful as well as educational. I had the most memorable time with my host family and developed a rich bond with my exchange partner that should last a lifetime.

– Diksha Gulati (DPS Noida)

The trip to India was really amazing. I enjoyed the food, but most of all I enjoyed the trips. I was scared by the traffic at the beginning. I really liked the school and the Taj Mahal was really impressive and great to visit. I had a great time and I would definitely come back.

– Noemi Amstutz

The India exchange was one of the best things I have ever done in my life. I’ve seen so many great things in India like the Taj Mahal and Jaipur. The host family and all the Indian students were so hospitable and kind. I would instantly go back, if I could. Thank you for the nice two weeks.

– Niklas Ennser (Swiss Student)

The trip to India, in my opinion, was very worthwhile and can strongly recommend it to anyone. I went to India without knowing anybody but got to know many new great people there. It is a country that everyone should visit once in a lifetime. The exchange was a great adventure!

– Léana Aubry (Swiss Student)

Indo Danish Exchange Programme


Danish exchange was a great experience for me. It gave me an opportunity to understand the culture and lifestyle I also liked the close friend like bond they had with their teachers. I found them eager to try new things. I had the opportunity to host two partners, which was icing on the cake. I am thankful to my school and teachers who made this possible for me.

-Ananya Gupta (DPS Noida)

The Danish exchange Programme was very enriching and enjoyable. I got to know about their culture , preferences and lifestyle. It opened a window to International learning and knowledge. It also helped to develop acceptance and understanding of an array of different cultural and community perspectives.

-Ishita Goyal (DPS Noida)

It had always been my dream to be a part of a wholesome experience of Danish Exachnage. The 6th Indo-Danish exchange helped me be a part of one. I can’t thank my teachers, ms. Rachna Misra and Lipika Shome Ma’am, for being the best and most supportive teachers and my exchange partner Nadja Hansen, for making a bond with me that I’ll cherish throughout my life and all of my friends for making these 8 days the most memorable ones.This exchange has given me fond memories and knowledge about the great Danish culture, but most importantly everlasting friendships.

– Rishika Bajpai (DPS Noida)

The Danish Exchange will be a memory of lifetime for me. Going on trips and excursions with Danish friends gave me a whole new perspective on the things and places I had already seen. Interacting with my Danish partner coming from an entirely different background of culture and lifestyle, has widened my perspective.

– Naina Priyadarshi Mishra (DPS Noida)

 For me and my family, it was a great personal experience hosting two exchange students. They were totally ingrained into our culture, family, food, and lifestyle. They relished Indian food, cherished everything like a rickshaw ride, street market, visiting homes of grandparents, attending a family wedding, dancing in a groom’s procession (Baraat), dressing up in Indian clothes, attempting to learn the language and much more. Most importantly, they did it so smilingly and effortlessly. We also had a good opportunity to learn about their culture and practices. We now have two extended families in Denmark!!

– Vrinda Vig (DPS Noida)

Indo- Swedish Exchange Programme

It has been an amazing trip! All the different trips to temples and monuments have been really interesting and fun. I have learned so much and enjoyed exploring the different culture in this fantastic country. The best thing I experienced, I would say was the watershow at Akshardham temple. Even though I could not understand a single word, the lights, lasers and of course water effects were fantastic !!

– Amanda (Swedish student)

This trip has been a wonderful experience. I’ve done so many new things and seen things that are so unlike Sweden. Of course the temples aren’t the only thing that’s different. Almost everything is. The food is spicier here than in Sweden. Everything is also so colorful and I love the typical Indian clothes. it’s another climate here and the trees and plants are also different. The school is also very different. They have school uniforms and you need to have your own lunch from home. Here, they also call the teachers ma’am and sir instead of their actual names. One really cute thing is the squirrels. They’re everywhere! And they are those striped ones! I’m doing squeeky sounds every time I see them.

-Alva (Swedish student)

My first visit to India has been so special and wonderful. Never before have I been met with so much warmth and hospitality. I have experienced many new things. One of the first things that comes to mind is the food, the spicy and wonderfully tasty food. I’m afraid the food back in Sweden will taste bland to me now. I also loved trying on the Sari. It felt like I was invited to a part of the Indian culture.

– Annica Bjorsell (Swedish teacher)

We have been to many different places and I loved them all. Dilli Haat and Red Fort are only two of the amazing places we have been to and we took so many pictures. We went to a beautiful temple called “Akshardham” and we watched a breathtaking laser water show.India is a very different place from Sweden. The roads of Sweden are very quiet. India is a very social and welcoming place. This trip is a 10/10 and I really wish that we could stay for a longer time.

– Danait Beraki (Swedish student)

Even though our two countries, Sweden and India are so different I have still loved every second of the trip. I’ve loved the culture shocks, the beautiful monuments, all new people and even the long bus rides. This trip has given me clear view of how different people from different countries carry out their day. I’ve learned so much about the Indian culture and their way of life.

– Astrid (Swedish student)

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